An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage – Jack welch

Who We Are?

IntelliSavvy is a technology partner to help accelerate your transformation from a slow IT operating model into an integrated environment that drives optimization, and innovation, and manages risks effectively. With IntelliSavvy, you can transform your business into one that continuously manages change. pools together the needed resources for better results while turning your productivity into innovation. Take advantage of our team of experts to harness the power of mature technology processes to deliver value faster and accelerate innovation. 


To give customers the most compelling technology transformation experience, and be the savvy technology partner to accelerate our customers journey to be an innovation and disruption leaders.


Transform an organization into a technology-enabled company with an optimized process that fits the organizational culture, build a technical strategy and execute it to meet clients business goals in a sustainable way.


Our passion led us here, we want to share our experience in driving technology transformations using best practices for discovering an efficient path for organizations to meet their customer expectations and spread the power of technology for a better tomorrow.

Our Expertise

With decades of combined experience at the forefront of multiple transformations from small to large-scale enterprises, we look forward to bringing our real-world experience to guide you to transform your technology team. we apply our strategic and tactical experience to solve complex technical challenges. serve as a catalyst to implement changes and bring together proficiencies about evolving technologies with the appropriate domain expertise to modernize your applications. We provide planning, management, and execution services through our experienced team.

Technology Transformation

A set A full set of advisory and delivery capabilities to help you think through the strategic issues and fully align technology to your business objectives

M&A Technical Due Dligence

Wide variety of technology services for exit readiness, pre and post acquisition assessments, integration strategy and interim leadership support


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