”Because if you ‘re prepared and you know what it takes, it’s not a risk. You just  have to  figure out how to get there. There is always a way to get there.”  – Mark Cuban.

Involving IT teams early during M&A can help investors avoid execution challenges in creating expected business value. If engaged early, technology teams can positively influence the outcome of a transaction by planning achievable technology strategy and defining how IT can support at every stage. But it is important to have a technical advisor who has a blend of business savvy and deep technology expertise.

It is very critical that they have deep hands-on experience in integrating disparate technology platforms and can provide unbiased guidance to support your goals and objectives.

Our Approach

The digital and technology space is continuously evolving and due diligence has to constantly adapt to provide pragmatic assessment and recommendation. With our prior experience in technology leadership, digital strategy, and delivery accountability we understand the role technology teams & platforms play in the transaction landscape along with what investors will be looking for in the technology due diligence. We also detail how IT organizations can position themselves as strategic partners that can add significant value throughout the M&A lifecycle.

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Pre Acquisition

Our technology experts collaborate with deal teams to conduct technical due diligence and identify areas for improvement, new opportunities, and the best route to the realization of those opportunities. We assess the target company technology offering, and staff, and estimate your risks, costs, and benefit trade-offs. We help you to identify technology assets you will need, and potential synergy integrations within your portfolio.

Post Acquisition

We understand the intersection of technology, data, customer experience, product, and services. Our integration analysis will involve assessing, recommending, and executing technology initiatives to optimize the customer value of the combined platforms. We will also help you to develop new tools for you to leverage the current digital technologies to transform customer interaction and business value.

Exit Readiness

If you are getting to ready to go sell or divestiture your business, we will help you to optimize your technology organization and platform to achieve the right valuation. We have the technical depth to quickly assess the effectiveness of system architectures, technology stack, development methodologies, and recommendations to run an efficient technology organization. We will also create a seller-side technology report that buyers can depend on to reduce your overhead during the evaluation process.

Interim Technology Leadership

If you have an accelerated growth plan it may benefit to bring in interim leadership to assist your incumbent technology leaders who may not have the required experience and/or time to run the strategic plan along with day-day operational activities. Our interim CTOs/IT Directors can take responsibility for the execution of strategy during the change period. Our savvy leaders collaborate with your team to assess organizational structure, strengths to build upon, cost-reduction and investment opportunities while mitigating risks.